Below are some terrific ways for you to support Living and Learning to help us assist more individuals with autism and related challenges and their families:

Children’s Events or Fundraisers
Whether a service project for school, scouting or a lemonade stand, we encourage children to get involved.

Birthday Parties, Baby Showers and Weddings
Ask for monetary donations in place of a gift and donate the funds to Living and Learning. Or people can write their checks out directly to Living and Learning.

Corporate Events or Fundraisers
Encourage your coworkers to participate in a donation drive, jeans day or office competition to raise money to be donated to Living and Learning.

Garage or Yard Sales
Hold a garage, yard or neighborhood community sale and donate the proceeds to Living and Learning.

Fundraising House Party
Hold a small gathering for beverages or dinner at your home and ask for a monetary donation for Living and Learning. Be sure to make it clear on your invitation that this a fundraising event and that you are asking for a set amount of money for a donation. Include wording such as “donations gratefully accepted” or “please remember to bring your checkbooks” on your invitation. Set a monetary goal for the evening. Here are more tips on how to hold a successful fundraising house party from the Foundation Center.

Distribute Newsletters and Brochures
We are always looking for help spreading the word. You can help us hand out our newsletter to local businesses, or our brochure to local therapist and other offices.

Living and Learning Enrichment center is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Your contributions are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.