Living & Learning Center “Our Mission” from Diakonia Productions on Vimeo.

Donate Today: It’s Time to Expand

The Next Chapter

The overwhelming success—through the love and dedication of our staff, our clients, our volunteers and our community—is fueling the next big chapter in the Living and Learning story.

As many of you know, we have secured a purchase agreement for the Massey Estate. The 14-acre property straddling the Northville/Novi border will serve as the new campus for Living and Learning while allowing us to continue our programs, offer them to more people, and expand our curriculum through new experiences.

BIG UPDATE!!! We have restructured the purchase of this property, therefore putting this fundraising endeavor into three phases compared to only two. Phase 1 is now complete which allowed us to raise enough funds to make a valid offer. We are currently in Phase 2 which is to complete the purchase of the property and initial start up costs. We now only need to raise $307,000 of our Phase 2 goal to complete the purchase of this property. Please help share the story of Living and Learning and the lasting effect it has on the lives of so many!

Will You Help Us?

We’ve set up a fundraising page that will track every dollar donated for the Massey Estate purchase. Please share this with whoever you think can help us meet our goal and build our dream of an inclusive campus to learn and grow.

There’s only one caveat: we only have until December 30 to find the money we need to purchase the property. Fortunately for Living and Learning, our campaign is taking place during a season of giving and of gratitude for all that make us true representatives of humanity’s enduring kindness.

And what a story it will make when we get there, together.

Our New Home

From lavender fields and alpacas grazing, to doggy day-care, hands-on workshops and a bee farm, the Living and Learning Campus will inject the community with new programs and experiential opportunities to grow.

This means more jobs for individuals with disabilities—we want to crush the 90 percent unemployment rate for people with autism! 

There are several apartment communities located near the property and will offer the opportunity to help our clients live independently. This will help give much-needed peace of mind to parents.

Thank You. Yes, You.

No matter if you donate a dollar or nothing at all, thank you for reading about our story and, we hope, cheering us on along our journey to expand our inspirational community through the success of our incredible clients. If you ever want to join us on this adventure, please let us know!