From the moment I walked into LLEC, I knew it was the place for us.

From the moment I walked into Living & Learning I knew it was the place for us. We felt an immediate sense of welcome and warmth from the owner Rachelle and her staff. My daughter, who takes quite a while to warm up, ran right to Amanda, the speech therapist, and hugged her. This is something she has never done. I knew in that moment, we had found our home.

Over the past 6 months I am so amazed by the growth my daughter has made. She went from speaking in two to three word phrases to speaking in full sentences and asking questions. Amanda, the speech therapist, truly has a gift! She is very patient and kind; her positive energy is contagious! She goes over and beyond to help my daughter and to update me on each session. She is always available for questions and support.‚Äč

We have recently began music therapy. Again, I have seen more progress. I appreciate how thorough the music therapist, Kelly, is with the goals that she writes and how detailed her parent updates are. With her creativity and love for music she has helped to open up my daughter even more and increase her speech fluency.

Every day I am so thankful that we found such a remarkable place that truly cares for the student and their entire family. We feel like family and they truly have our best interests at heart.