How local businesses get involved…

Skill Building

Community Skill Building & Supportive Employment: This skill building program focuses on working at various job sites within the community. Some clients will be part of this program indefinitely, while others will move on to supported employment.  Within supportive employment, clients can be supported for up to three years.

Current Industries:

• Grocery

• Restaurants

• Hospitality

• Retail

• Clerical

• Landscaping

• Farming

Why choose us?

How will this make an impact in your life and your business? You are giving our participants an opportunity to change their lives, help them find their purpose and career path, and build confidence. They will gain important job experience and will be:

• Reliable

• Detail oriented

• Hard-working

• Flexible in scheduling

• Friendly and outgoing

If your business is interested in joining us, please contact us today!
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