Rachelle Vartanian, Founder, President, CEO
M.Ed Psy, M.ASD (Master of Education-Psychology,
Masters-Autism Spectrum Disorder), B.S. Teaching
Students with Severe Emotional Issues K-12.
Former special education teacher (20 years).
Mother of a teenager with autism.

Pamela Travis – Chief Program Officer

David Franco – Director of the Exceptional Academy

Tina Spencer – Art / Summer Camp Director

Jen Carpen – Director of Vocational Services

Connie Washington – Director of Vocational Services

Nawal Hamade – Donor Relations Coordinator

Sandy Miller – Executive Assistant

Lindsey Duda – Insurance Admin

 Evan Prosser – Insurance & RBT Coordinator

Rob Lindman – Farmer

Mari MacFarland – Clinical Director

Amy Bonser – MOD Market Director

Brenda Pettit – Office Manager/Insurance Admin