Rachelle Vartanian
Rachelle Vartanian
President and Founder
M.Ed Psy, M.ASD (Master of Education-Psychology, Masters-Autism Spectrum Disorder), B.S. Teaching Students with Severe Emotional Issues K-12. Former special education teacher (20 years). Mother of a teenager with autism.
Mar MacFarland
Mari MacFarland
Board Certified Behavior Analyst PhD Special Education and Teaching. Assistant Professor at Saginaw Valley State University – Special Education under Autism Spectrum Disorders and other developmental disabilities, ASD Endorsement Program Coordinator.
Pamela Travis
Pamela Travis
Assistant Director
B.A. Education and Teaching, M.A.T. (Masters) Art of Teaching, Special Education Certificate with a focus on emotional impairments. Former teacher (14 years). Mother of a child with special needs.
Jesse Tack
Jesse Tack
Music Therapist
Studied at Eastern Michigan University and Wayne State University. Guitar teacher for more than 20 years. Teaches music to elicit emotional growth, personal expression, bilateral brain activity, anti-stress effects, and to develop social dynamics.
David Franco
Director of Business Development (connecting with companies to place clients in jobs and creating job opportunities).
Manages Work Skills Program partnering with local businesses to give clients on the job training along with our mentors. B.A. Sound Engineering.
Julie Woodard
Julie Woodard
Art Therapist
M.A. (Masters) Clinical Psychology, former Secretary Great Lakes Region Watercolor Guild (IL), Teacher Northville Art House.
Alessandra McBroom
Front Desk Manager, Customer Service
Attending Schoolcraft College studying psychology.
Has a family member with autism.
Tina Spencer
Art Director
Summer Camp Director
B.A. Art Therapy
Jen Carpen
Social Skills Facilitator and Summer Camp Director
B.A. Education
M.A. (Masters) Art of Teaching with a specialization in Learning Disabilities.
Has a family member with special needs.
Lee Bataglia
Social Skills Facilitator
B.A. Elementary Education and Teaching – Elementary Emotional Impairment, M.A. (Masters) Education/Teaching of Individuals with Autism.
Special education teacher.